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Academic 8: present, quarter, refrigerator, shower, slim

1. present

– Part Of Speech: adjective
– Meaning: In a particular place.
– Example:
+ a doctor must be present at the ringside
+ the speech caused embarrassment to all those present
+ He was present, and ready to commence the procedure immediately.
+ People came from far and near to be present for this special ceremony in a church that was rebuilt in 1821.
+ However they were present in large numbers and settled for a short procession inside the church.
+ Heads turned to see if the visitor was still present and available.
+ All ten of us were present and accounted for as we went down into the subway station for our next ride.
+ Insiders ask whether he should have been present rather than delegating decision-making to his chief executive.
+ Michael’s parents, David and Marie, were present to thank everyone for their generosity.

2. quarter

– Part Of Speech: noun
– Meaning: Each of four equal or corresponding parts into which something is or can be divided.
– Example:
+ she cut each apple into quarters
+ a page and a quarter
+ a quarter of a mile
+ Just as it took a quarter of a century to create the universal special education system we now have, so will it take years to find ways to realize its full potential.
+ The Commonwealth Bank owns four and a quarter percent of Woodside, that’s $385 million worth of shares.
+ They have no choice but to turn in for work the week after half term knowing that a quarter of their class are still enjoying themselves on holiday somewhere around the world.
+ Membrane proteins probably represent more than a quarter of all proteins encoded in genomes.
+ With a geometric layout, commonly segmented into four quarters, the garden would be enclosed by buildings or walls.
+ Trucks represent only a quarter of the vehicles passing through the toll plaza, but will contribute more than half of the toll revenue.

3. refrigerator

– Part Of Speech: noun
– Meaning: An appliance or compartment which is artificially kept cool and used to store food and drink. Modern refrigerators generally make use of the cooling effect produced when a volatile liquid is forced to evaporate in a sealed system in which it can be condensed back to liquid outside the refrigerator.
– Example:
+ These tools also plot and correlate the image in the customers’ mind of other appliances such as refrigerators and microwave ovens.
+ The report said, for example, that refrigerators for storing vaccines were poorly maintained and often broke down.
+ For two days, he’s managed a team whose job is to clear out refrigerators and other appliances tossed to the curb.
+ Check the seasoning, then spoon the paste into a jar and store it in the refrigerator.
+ Brent Cameron, a former refrigeration repair man, explained to me how refrigerators keep food cool.
+ It’s not recommended to store Champagne in the refrigerator for more than a few months.
+ All that is needed is some means of driving the fluid around the circuit – in most modern refrigerators this is an electric pump.
+ Television sets, air conditioning, and refrigerators are common in modern Bahraini homes.
+ Appliances such as refrigerators and stoves have increased exponentially.

4. shower

– Part Of Speech: noun
– Meaning: A brief and usually light fall of rain, hail, sleet, or snow.
– Example:
+ a day of sunny spells and scattered showers
+ Such is the month of April, but be sure not to miss out between those squally showers of rain and sleet if a warmer spell arrives, no matter how brief.
+ The subtropical climate brings lots of sunshine and brief, intense rain showers.
+ Forecasters said the milder weather should be on the way for the weekend, with snow showers probably turning to sleet and sunny spells across the region by tomorrow.
+ Paktia in eastern Afghanistan and Bamiyan in northern Afghanistan also received heavy showers of rain and snowfall after a long spell of drought and dry weather.
+ Any wintry showers – hail, sleet and snow – will be restricted to the north west of the country, we might get them in northwest England and Wales.
+ It was very cold with light snow showers, sleet and rain, but the pitch, despite being heavy, was in remarkably good condition.
+ The procession reached the Jubilee Field just as a brief shower of rain fell.
+ This would often bring showers of snow or rain, and sometime hail.

5. slim

– Part Of Speech: adjective
– Meaning: (of a person or their build) gracefully thin; slender.
– Example:
+ her slim figure
+ the girls were tall and slim
+ They are looking for a black male, 22 years old, six feet tall with a slim build, a thin mustache, wearing a gray shirt and jeans.
+ The other was slightly shorter at 5ft 8in tall and of slim build.
+ Her figure was slim and pretty, her fingers slender and graceful as she steadfastly worked at her stitching.
+ The male is described as of thin build, slim features, 6ft, short brown hair, early 30s, wearing a long, black scruffy coat.
+ She was of average build and had a nice, slim figure.
+ Racing up to the entrance, Nick saw a slim man leaned up against the wall, clutching his profusely bleeding wrist.
+ His skin was very pale and he was slim and not built up at all.

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