Actual IELTS speaking test May 2018

Student got following questions in his IELTS Speaking test Ielts Speaking test on May 2018.

May 3 2018 exam

Type: Academic :
Place: Hyderabad, India.

Part 1:
– What’s your Full Name?
– Do you work or study?
– What’s your job role at your company?
– Do you exercise?
– How often do you exercise and what’s your favorite exercise?
– Are you planning to do exercise in future?
– Do you think young children do exercise?

Part 2: Speak about your Favorite Sport.

– Who is your favorite sportsperson ?
– what are Achievements of that sportsperson?
– How famous the sportsperson is?
– Effect of sportsperson on children

Part 3:
– Tell me whether this sport is should recognized internationally.
– Should children need the sports training since childhood? why?
– Would this sport help the children grow their body or personality ?

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