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Describe a person who can use or speak a second language

You should say:

  • Who this person is?
  • What language can he/she use?
  • How often does he/she use it?

Band 8.0+ Sample Answer

Initially, I think I can start off by pointing out something about who this person is. Actually, I know quite a lot people who are bilingual, however I’d like to share about my best friend who is fluent in Japanese. Her name is Nguyen and she is currently working in a Japanese corporate. In fact, she is the one who has inspired me a lot to learn the second language. The factor that makes her unique to me is the fact that despite acquiring Japanese on her own, she managed to become excellent at it with gorgeous intonation like a native speaker. The chief reason encouraging her to learn this language is indeed quite simple. When she was in university, she fell in love with a Japanese person and gradually became addicted to this country’s culture and language. Therefore, she exerted herself and put a lot of effort in Japanese with the first target of being able to communicate with her boyfriend in his mother tongue. Time went by and her passion for this language grew so strong that she committed herself to conquer it, no matter how hard it is when it comes to the matter of self – study.
However at the end of the day, she achieved it with flying colors and lots of opportunities come to her after graduation from university. It is my friend who gives me a precious lesson in life: Do the thing you are truly passionate about and you will rock it.


  • Bilingual (a): speaking two language fluently
  • Corporate (n): a company or a group
  • Acquire (v): obtain, to get
  • Chief (a): most important
  • Fall in love with (idiom): to begin to love someone
  • Exert oneself (expression): put oneself to strenuous effort
  • Conquer (v): overcome and take control of something
  • At the end of the day (idiom): finally
  • With flying colors (idiom): successfully.


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