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Describe a polite person you met

You should say:

  • Who the person is
  • How you know the person
  • What the person looks like

And explain why you think the person is polite.

BAND 8 Sample

Well, the person I’d like to talk to you about is a very good friend of mine, Mai. She must be one of the nicest and most polite individuals I know.

We’ve basically known each other since forever because we were in the same class from high school through to college. She is like my partner in crime and we can share everything together from schoolwork to our love lives.

You know, the first time I met her she left a deep impression on me because on the first day of school I got lost while trying to find my classroom and she really helped me out. Surprisingly, we were also arranged by the teacher to be desk-mates.

And the reason why I think she’s so polite is simply because she has really good manners. She abuses the word “thank you” even on the slightest occasion. For instance, I’ve noticed that whenever we eat at a restaurant, she will thank the waiters whenever they bring a dish to the table. And another example would be that every time she gets off a bus, she will always say thank you to the driver, which a lot of people probably think isn’t necessary, but I’m sure the waiters and bus drivers really appreciate it. Finally, whenever our classmates ask her to help them with difficult homework, she never complains or shows any hesitation. And due to this, she always maintains a good reputation thanks to her politeness.

 Vocabulary highlights:

– since forever – for a long time

– my partner in crime – good friends who do a lot together including getting into trouble

– love life – relationship with boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife

– deep impression – a strong effect or influence

– to get lost – to not know where you are

– desk-mates – to sit next to or share a desk with someone

– good manners – to be polite and respectful

– abuses – to use too much or use in a bad way

– on the slightest occasion – at small, unimportant moments

– appreciate – to be thankful

– hesitation – to stop or pause for a short moment

– a good reputation – when people have a good opinion of someone or something

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