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Describe a special cake you had

You should say:

  • What kind of cake it is
  • When you ate the cake
  •  Who you ate with
    And explain why you think the cake is special

Band 8 Sample
I would like to talk about a special occasion when a simple cake literally changed my miserable life. That was the time when I had just entered high school, which was 80km away from my hometown so I had to rent a flat and live alone near my school. Like many others, I was overwhelmed by the new environment and unable to adapt quickly. As a result, I was living in solitude for the first few months and had no close friendship with anyone.
But then an incident happened. I got sick, like, horribly sick. I couldn’t even walk for 50 metres, much less go to school. During that time, I was stubborn and stupid enough to believe that my condition would improve simply by waiting for my body to recover itself. As I was too weak to attend school, I asked my teacher to give me some days off. After 3 days lying in bed, my condition only seemed to be worse, since most of the time I was sleeping and didn’t eat anything.
But then, at around 3pm that day I received a call from one of my friends. She asked me about my condition and wanted to come over to check me out. When she came, I tried my best to walk downstairs to meet her, and I was surprised when I saw her holding a cake in her hand. It turned out that she knew I was in trouble so she made the cake herself and brought it to me in the hope of cheering me up. That simple act almost made me cry, and I ate the whole cake with heartfelt gratitude for my friend.
After that day my body healed up quickly, maybe it’s because I had finally put something into my stomach again. And of course, we became best friends after that moment. Now, even though we have taken different paths, we still keep in touch with each other and regularly share our stories and experiences. All in all, I am deeply thankful for having such friendship in my life, all starting with a cake.

Vocabulary highlights

  • be overwhelmed by something: to get so much of something that it becomes a problem
  • to live in solitude: to live all alone
  • much less: not to mention
  • heartfelt gratitude: sincere readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness

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