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Describe a subject you would like to study that you never had the opportunity to study

You should say:

  • What is it
  • What this subject deals with
  • What benefits you would get

    And explain why you want to study this subject.

Band 8 Sample

If I had a chance, I would like to study Japanese, which I always wanted to study when I was younger.

Back in the day, I was crazy about manga – Japanese comic books. I could not take my eyes off those stories, I read them every single day. And I told myself that I would study Japanese in the future. Unfortunately, when I grew up, I was up to my ears in study and then working to make a living so I missed the chance to learn Japanese.

Now and then I think about that childhood dream and hope that one day, I can arrange my work and take part in a Japanese course. Being fluent in Japanese will make my dream come true. I would possibly read manga in Japanese, not Vietnamese and get a chance to access more Japanese culture, which I’m interested in after many years reading manga.

That’s all I want to share with you.

Vocabulary highlights

  • back in the day: in the past
  • take one’s eyes off: to cease looking at something or someone
  • now and then: sometimes
  • make my dream come true: make a wish or a dream become a reality.

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