Describe a time when you had some medicine

You should say:

  • When it happened
  • Who gave it you
  • Why you had it
  • How you felt about it


I avoid taking medicine for minor headaches and colds. But two months back, I had an attack of fever.

I thought I would recover in a day or two, and so did not take any medicine. I felt awful and couldn’t sleep well, but still avoided taking medicine.
Actually my aunt is a doctor and she told me once that fever means that our body is trying to fight the infectious bacteria or viruses.So, it is a sign that our body is fighting the disease and if our immune system is effective we will not need medicines.

However, by the third day, my fever worsened and I had so much shivering that my father had to take me to our family doctor. He advised some tests and gave me crocin tablets. The test reports were available next day. The doctor said that there was some infection because of which my TLC was high.
TLC is the white blood cell count, which increases during infections.
He could not pinpoint the infection, but he gave me some mild antibiotic.
I took the medicine diligently for 5 days.
I remember I started feeling better in one day, but followed the advice of the doctor and took the medicine for 5 days.

Part 3 – Follow Up Questions

1. What do you think of buying medicine online?

I think it is OK to buy medicines online. Most of the sites ask you to upload the prescription when you want to buy the medicine online. Moreover it increases the competition, that is, we find competitive prices and cheaper rates online. On the contrary when you buy the same from the neighbourhood chemist the medicines are mostly very expensive and overpriced.

2. In your opinion, why some people dislike taking medicine?

Some people dislike medicines because they have many side effects. Most of the people of the older generation mostly have a good immunity and they don’t want to pop up the pill at every headache for stomach ache. Children often do not want to take the medicines because they do not like the taste.

3. Some people say medicine is harmful. Do you think so?

Too much of medication is harmful but if the pill can save you from pain I believe it’s better to have the pill.These days there are various studies about many medicines and their side effects. So medicine should only be taken with doctor’s advice and not off the shelf. I don’t think any doctor would prescribe medicine before weighing all the pros and cons for the person to whom it is been prescribed.

4. What do you think of fake medicine?

I think fake medicines are the one where the portions are not measured all the Chemicals are not right. certainly I have heard about the placebos, which are

medicines prescribed the psychological benefit to the patient rather than for any

physiological effect.

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