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Something happened that made you happy/ happy time you experienced recently

You should say:

  1. What
  2. When and Where
  3. Who was with you
  4. Why it made you happy


● Happy and sad events are a part and parcel of our life.

● The happy event I am going to talk about here is the wedding of my cousin.

● I attended this wedding on 15th January.

● My cousin’s name is Deepa.

● She is my maternal aunt’s daughter.

● All our relatives and friends were invited.

● Actually the whole week before 15th was busy in the pre wedding celebrations like tilak, sangeet, mehandi and haldi.

● On the day of the wedding, the marriage palace was decorated like a bride. My cousin also looked beautiful in her sequin spangled lehanga.

● The baraat came at 5 p.m.

● High tea was served in which there were lots of cakes and snacks.

● Then there was the jai mala in which the bride and groom exchanged fresh flower garlands.

● Then we all danced and enjoyed to the beat of music.

● After the sumptuous dinner all the guests departed and only the close family was left.

● Then the priest set up a small fire and the remaining ceremony took place around the fire.

● The doli took place early morning.

● It was a very tearful moment for all of us but we were all happy from deep inside as my cousin was beginning her new life.

● Such celebrations are very common in my country.

● Since then I have not attended any such ceremony but there is another wedding in the family next month.

Part 3 – Follow Up Questions

1. What is the relationship between money and happiness?

Nowadays people think that money and happiness are directly proportional. Those who have more money are generally considered to be happier than those who have less money. But I believe the definition of happiness changes from individual to individual

2. Do you think money is important?

Yes money is definitely important as we need it to fulfill our basic needs of food and shelter. Without money its very difficult to survive in today’s world.

3. Do most Indian people think that money is important?

Yes, most of the Indian people believe money is important, for the same reasons I mentioned before. (provide reasons from previous question)

4. What do you do to make yourself happy?

To make myself happy I like to do a lot of positive things and I also reward myself whenever I achieve something. Hanging out with friends or playing any sport also makes me feel happy but the thing out of which I get the maximum happiness is by helping others, so I go to the temples and help the needy

5. Why are children generally happier than adults?

Children are normally joyful as they have no stress of work and they have less awareness about the negative things in the world. They are at a learning stage so they like to enjoy whatever they are doing. They find unique and creative ways to enjoy themselves even with minimal things.

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