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IELTS Speaking Part 3: Success

Topic: Success

  1. In your country, how is success defined or measured?

I think it’s common in my country that success is measured based on how much money people earn. If a person has a lot of money and properties, he is definitely considered a successful person. I think there are no differences in other countries. When you search for the list of the most successful people in the world, the results you get are likely to be the names of rich businessmen.

  1. What goals do most people in your country have in life?

I think every Vietnamese person shares the same aim, which is to get a high-paying job and a partner. Good salary helps them to have a comfortable and worry-free life. They can go shopping, buy a house to live or get access to the latest technology inventions. Whereas, finding their true love will be helpful for mental health. They have someone to take care of and be with them through thick and thin.

  1. How can people reach these goals?

Well, the only way to get a well-paid job is to work hard. Regardless of your family financial background and academic achievement, if you try hard to improve yourself day by day, you will definitely become better at what you do and this helps you to have a good salary. Finding the right partner depends more on fate, I suppose. Just go to a crowded place and start a conversation with someone of the opposite sex.

  1. Is there a lot of competition with others trying to achieve the same goals?

Yes, there is. That’s why people always have a lot of pressure in their life and they have to try hard continuously. The person who makes no effort or who gives up even before trying has no chance to succeed. Whereas, successful people are those who are not afraid of taking risks and always find a light in the darkness.


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