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Describe an old friend in your childhood

You should say:

  1. Who is he
  2. How did you meet
  3. What you did


● I have made many friends in my life and a few are very close friends.

● Here I would like to talk about a friend whom I met after 7 years.

● His name is Mohan and he is about my age – 19 years.

● He and I were class fellows till sixth.

● Then his family immigrated to Canada and I lost contact with him.

● Two months ago he came to India and also paid me a visit.

● It was a very pleasant surprise for me.

● I felt very happy.

● We chatted for a long time.

● We revived nostalgic memories of our school days.

● He is very tall and handsome.

● I remember vividly, how he managed to stand first in class every time.

● He also took part in extra­curricular activities.

● He told me all about his life in Canada.

● He told me about the education system there.

● He told me that he was doing part time work along with his studies.

● I was fascinated to hear all that from him.

● He is studying in Humber College there.

● His father is working in a gas station and his mother is also working in a grocery store.

● When he told me that studying in Canada is much easier than studying here, I also got motivated to go and study there.

● That is why I decided to take the IELTS.

● If I go there, he will support me as I can stay with him in his house.

● He told me that there are a lot of scholarships for meritorious students.

● He has painted such a rosy picture of Canada in my eyes that now I really wish to be there soon.

Part 3 – Follow Up Questions

1. Is it important for children to have friends?

Yes it is very important for children to have friends as it has lot of benefits like children can play or study with friends and utilize their time in quality manner. Secondly they can share their secrets with friends and learn about skills like teamwork and sharing. Friends also help in developing good communication skills

2. Do you still keep in touch with friends from your childhood?

Yes I am still in touch with my school friends, thanks to social networking websites like Facebook. We normally talk about the things we used to do when we were little. We remember the old memories and laugh at them sometimes.

3. Should teenagers have lots of friends or few good friends?

I think having few good friends is always better than having a large number of friends. Few good friends give one a feeling of security and trust. Good friends are someone on whom one can always rely whereas lot of friends makes friendship superficial.

4. Are teenagers more influenced by their peers or their parents?

According to me it depends with whom the teenagers are spending more time with, if they are spending more time with their friends than they will be mostly influenced by them but if their parents spend more time then they will be influenced by the parents.

5. How would you maintain friendship with a friend who is richer than you?

I treat all my friends equally. To me their social or financial status does not matter. I believe that friendship is not based on our status in the society but it needs qualities like sincerity, trust and being there for each other.

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