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Describe something you did to help others / Occasion on which you have helped someone

You should say:

  1. Where did you help/ what was the situation? 
  2. When
  3. How you helped
  4. What was their reaction after your help

● Helping others is a very good thing.

● I have given and received help many times.

● Here, I would like to talk about a situation, when I helped my friend in studies.

● When I was in 10 th , my friend Rahul suffered a sprain in his ankle while playing hockey in the school.

● He was advised strict bed rest for three weeks.

● Our exams were very near and Rahul’s mother was very worried that he would fail this time if he did not attend school.

● So, I decided to help him as much as I could.

● Every day after school, I would go to his house and update him with everything that was done in school.

● His mother was so happy with my efforts that she would prepare nice shakes or something to eat for me everyday.

● Perhaps, that was her way of thanking me.

● I used to reach home very late, but when I told the reason, they were OK with it.

● Then the exams came, and Rahul and I both scored above 80% marks.

● I realised that in helping him, I had helped myself even more.

● After this incident, Rahul and I became even more intimate friends.

● Last month Rahul took his IELTS and scored 7 bands and has planned to go for higher education in Canada.

● Because of Rahul, my parents have also decided to send me to Canada for my higher studies.

● Earlier they were reluctant to send me.

● When I helped him, then I did not know that it would have this far­reaching effect.

● I have realised that helping others gives much more satisfaction than becoming selfish and looking after one’s own interests.

Part 3 – Follow Up Questions

1. Do you like helping others?

Yes, I do. I love helping others. I have realised it gives a lot of mental satisfaction and happiness.

2. Should parents teach helping others to their children?

Yes, of course. Parents are responsible for bringing their children into this world, and so it is their duty to make their children into responsible citizens of the future. Parents don’t have to do anything special to accomplish this. They just have to lead by example. Children will automatically follow their footsteps. If all citizens are helpful and nice, then the whole world would become a nice place to live in.

3. Do you think nowadays people do more good work as compared to the past?

I don’t think so. Life in the past was simpler and slower. People helped each other a lot. Now, everyone is in the rat race of money and materialism. No one has the time to help others.

4. Will you help others in the future?

Yes, definitely. I believe that we must do unto others as we want them to do unto us. If I will help others, only then I can expect help from others when I need it.

5. How do you encourage children to help others?

Nothing special is needed. Children are good observers and copy what their elders are doing. All you have to do is help others and they will automatically follow.

6. How do world social organizations such as Red Cross collect their funds worldwide?

They do so by advertising their work. They organise activities and involve young people in them. They also take the help of media.

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