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Describe something you enjoyed doing in a group

Describe something you enjoyed doing in a group.

You should say:

  • what you did in a group
  • whom you did it with
  • when you did it

and explain how you felt about doing it in a group.

Model Answer:

I have always loved doing things in a group whether playing cards during the weekend or watching a movie at a theatre. But, today, I would like to talk about something which I have done only once in my life with a group of other people.

Well, I have always loved riding a bicycle in all kinds of weather. In fact, it is one of my favourite pass time activities which I still enjoy, but not just as frequently as when I was a student at a junior college about 7 years ago. Back then, I had a nice mountain bike which I used to ride along the unpaved roads, leading to the countryside. Of course, I never really went into the countryside, since it was quite far away from my college, but I sure liked the unpaved roads because they were more adventurous and unpredictable than the paved ones.

By the way, seeing me having so much fun riding my bike, at least 6 of my college friends also bought their own bikes so that we could all enjoy the ride. But, unfortunately, as soon as my friends bought their bikes, the weather suddenly became really cold. In fact, it became so cold that only a very few people could be seen getting out of their homes for the next few days. But, my friends and I told ourselves that we were not going to get stuck inside our dormitory and instead we would all go outside and ride our bicycles.

In fact, we got so bored of staying indoor, and we needed to do something about it, and so we all wore all kinds of warm clothes and got out with our bicycles. We rode our bicycles for almost 30 minutes and actually started to sweat instead of feeling any cold.

Anyway, after finishing our ride, we felt really proud about our “feat” since we didn’t allow the unusually cold weather to dominate our life. I also felt that if we do something in a group, we would be very surprised to see the results of our efforts.


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