Describe a club or association you have been involved in your school or college

Describe a club or association you have been involved in your school or college

You should say:

  • what type of club or association it was
  • how long you have been a member
  • what you did as a member

and explain what you enjoyed about it.

Model Answer:

When I was studying at a senior high school, I joined my high school debate club, and today, I would like to talk about that here.

Prior to joining that debate club, I had watched many debates on the television, which I generally liked for the most part, but never really thought of being a part of a debate team, simply because I was nervous about speaking in front of the public. So, when my parents pushed me to join my high school debate club, apparently because I was doing too little extra-curricular activities, I was just hoping and praying that I never have to debate in real life with another debate team because, frankly speaking, then that would be a disaster. Or so, at least, I thought.

But my debate supervisor thought otherwise. So, he, my good and kind supervisor that is, started to offer me all kinds of guidance in order to make me a valuable member of our high school debate team.

By the way, I was a member of this debate club for almost 3 years, among the things, which I did there, included participating in mock-up debates with the other members of my debate team and doing research works in order to collect reference and information.  Sometimes, I even used to take part in some group meetings in order to learn about the scope and styles of presenting rebuttals to challenge the possible views of an opponent team before actually debating against them. I was initially nervous to actually debate against others but with practice and time, I became much comfortable.

Anyway, I liked and enjoyed a lot of things about being a part of our school debate team, but what I enjoyed the most was that it made me feel like a truly intelligent and smart person. After all, I was learning a lot of things there. Besides, I also liked the fact that it gave me much-needed confidence in speaking in front of the public.

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