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Idea Ultimate: Global Warming

What do you know about global warming?


Humans are increasing greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide in the atmosphere:

  • Factories burn fossil fuels and emit greenhouse gases.
  • The number of vehicles has increased, and most vehicles give off exhaust fumes.
  • Many developing countries do not care about the environment. They just want to be industrialized.
  • Many people do not buy local products. Needless to say, transportation means burning fuel.

—> These gases allow the atmosphere to trap too much heat from the sun. This is called the greenhouse effect, which causes global warming.


  1. Global warming presents the greatest threat to our environment.
  2. It has been reported that by the year 2100, the average temperature is likely to have increased by 1.4 to 5.8 degrees.
  3. Global warming is a serious threat to animal and plant life as it is changing their habitat.
  4. It is likely to impact ecosystems, agriculture and the spread of disease.
  5. Global warming will melt the polar icecap.
  6. The melting of Greenland icecap alone would raise sea levels by seven meters. Such a rise would submerge many islands, making them uninhabitable. This would affect hundreds of millions of people.
  7. A number of nations and cultures that have existed for thousands of years are going to be destroyed.
  8. There will be more extreme weather conditions such as typhoons and hurricanes.


  1. We should try to develop alternative, renewable sources of energy like solar and wind.
  2. Governments could introduce stricter rules and force factories to reduce their emissions.
  3. Using public transportation, cycling, and going to work on foot rather than driving could help mitigate global warming
  4. Driving hybrid cars and trying to buy local products are among the most viable solutions.


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