IELTS Writing Recent Actual Test 18/09/2018

Task 2:

Competitiveness is a positive quality for people in most societies. How does competitiveness affect individuals?
Is it a positive or negative trend?

  • Level: Hard
  • Type: 2 questions
  • Topic: Competitiveness
  • Keyword: competitiveness, positive quality.

1. Sample:

People tend to be more competitive in modern society. In my view, being competitive has a major influence on many aspects of a person’s life, which can be considered both beneficial and harmful in certain situations.

A highly competitive person is often considered to be conceited and self-absorbed. Their relationships with the people around them, especially relatives or romantic partners, usually suffer as they are unwilling to compromise when a conflict occurs. Additionally, an intense level of competition in a company caused by highly competitive employees can create an unhealthy work environment. This type of environment does not promote productivity, but makes some workers feel uncomfortable working together and may bring them closer to leaving the organization in search of a better workplace.

However, being competitive can be a positive attribute in many other instances. Competitive people always strive to be better than other people, and they usually persevere until they achieve their goals. For example, a sense of rivalry can boost a student’s study performance and encourage them to work harder. People with a competitive personality are also resilient and unlikely to give up when faced with setbacks. Furthermore, many competitive people are often competing against themselves and always putting themselves in a state of constant learning so they can achieve better results.

In conclusion, being competitive may sabotage a person’s relationships with the people around them and negatively affect the workplace. However, being competitive can motivate people to work hard to reach their desired goals. I think a person should find a balance and avoid being too competitive, otherwise the consequences can be severe.

(266 words)

2. Vocabulary

  • conceited and self-absorbed
  • compromise (v)
  • highly competitive employees
  • create an unhealthy work environment
  • promote productivity
  • a positive attribute
  • strive to be better
  • persevere (v)
  • achieve their goals = reach their desired goals
  • a sense of rivalry
  • boost a student’s study performance
  • a competitive personality
  • a state of constant learning
  • achieve better results
  • sabotage a person’s relationships
  • find a balance