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IELTS Writing Task 2 Band 8.0: TOPIC CRIME & EDUCATION

The best way to reduce youth crimes is to educate their parents with parental skills.
To what extent you agree or disagree


Some people argue that providing parents with necessary parenting techniques is the most effective way to cope with increasing rates of juvenile delinquency. From my perspective, joint efforts from families and schools are needed to curb those heightened concerns.

To start with, children tend to unconsciously imitate words and actions of adults. Therefore, it is of paramount importance that parents should serve as powerful role models not only through direct interactions with their children, but through the examples they set with their attitude and behavior within the family and in the outside world. There is mounting evidence that bad upbringing can exert bad implications on a child’s livelihood, increasing the chance of their involvement in juvenile offences. Therefore, parental training such as developing and practicing positive discipline technique could prevent and reduce youth crimes.

On the other hand, schools and other educational institutions also play a major part in the prevention and control of juvenile crime. While parents can act as the first defense in decreasing young offenders, it is noteworthy that children may commit a crime or other wrongdoings under negative peer pressure at school. In other words, schools second only to families in their potential to affect children’s mental health. They can contribute to young people’s success development by providing nurturance and the opportunity to develop social and psychological skills. Eventually, school-based programs are crucial in keeping children from embarking on a life of crime.

In conclusion, in order to address the problem of youth crime, parental training along with positive school guidance for youngsters would help shape young minds into law-abiding citizens.

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