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IELTS Writing Task 2 (Exercises): ZOOS

Topic : ZOOS

Useful words and phrases:

  1. (an) infringement(s) (n)
  2. a resourceful learning environment (np)
  3. be incapable of (collocation)
  4. breed one’s offspring (collocation)
  5. bully (v)
  6. captive (adj)
  7. deforestation (n)
  8. during the course of (collocation)
  9. evolve (v)
  10. exploit (v)
  11. faunae (n)
  12. habitat (n)
  13. invaluable (adj)
  14. mistreat (v)
  15. on a daily basis (collocation)
  16. physical contact (np)
  17. pointless (adj) / valueless (adj)
  18. thrive (v)


Task 1: Write sentences from given cues. Make changes to the cues when needed.

  1. Dogs and cats / have / preference / petting / involve / physical contact.
  1. During the course of / life / we / all have / sorts / relationships. Some / evolve. Some / not.
  2. Have / someone / by one’s side / ups and downs / be / invaluable.
  1. It / believe / animals / only / thrive / when / live / natural habitats.
  1. Example / infringement / animal rights / be / force / them / perform / on a daily basis / at tract visitors.

Task 2: Fill in the blanks with suitable words/phrases

(an) infringement(s) (n)
a resourceful learning environment (np)
be incapable of (collocation)
breed one’s offspring (collocation)
bully (v)
captive (adj)
deforestation (n)
during the course of (collocation)
evolve (v)
exploit (v)
faunae (n)
habitat (n)
invaluable (adj)
mistreat (v)
on a daily basis (collocation)
physical contact (np)
pointless / valueless (adj)
thrive (v)

Some people say that zoos have no useful purpose. Others believe that zoos are beneficial in many ways.

Discuss and give your opinion.

A diversity of animal species from leopards and eagles to lizards have been captured and kept in zoos across the globe for centuries. While this practice is considered 1___________to some, I believe there are real advantages to it.

Zoos, according to some, are 2___________.There is a common belief that the act of caging an animal is already an 3___________of animal rights. The matter can be even worse when some caged animals are 4___________, 5___________and 6___________when they are forced to perform in shows aimed at attracting visitors. Zoologists may also argue that these creatures may lose their natural instincts 7___________being 8___________; therefore, they can 9___________returning to the wild in the future. For example, a tiger may lose its hunting nature when it is fed on 10___________.

However, I believe zoological gardens are 11___________not only for humans but also for the animals themselves. First, for young children and biology students, these venues can provide 12___________, where both an understandings of and love for nature may easily 13___________as 14___________with animals is possible. As a result, even the 15___________from the furthest 16___________such as penguins from the South Pole can be learnt about and appreciated. Second, zoos have long offered home to thousands of endangered species, where they could 17___________and 18___________. This has proved crucial as over-hunting, 19___________and climate change have threatened to destroy the natural habitats of some wild animals.

To conclude, I firmly believe that the advantages of zoos outweigh the disadvantages. All the aforementioned disadvantages can be lessened if more is invested in zoos create a better living space for the animal.

287 words


Task 1: (Answers may vary)

1. Being captive in cages can/may decrease animals’abilities to breed their offspring.

2. Deforestation damages animals’ habitats, endangering the faunae in those areas.

3. Zoologists are concerned about animals being mistreated and exploited in the zoos or circuses.

4. Freeing captive animals to their natural habitats will be pointless if the Government is incapable of controlling illegal hunting.

5. Internet can be a resourceful learning environment if it is exploited properly.

Task 2:

(1) pointless

(2) valueless

(3) infringement

(4) bullied

(5) mistreated

(6) exploited

(7) during the course of

(8) captive

(9) be incapable of

(10) a daily basis

(11) invaluable

(12) a resourceful learning environment

(13) evolve

(14) physical contact

(15) faunae

(16) habitats

(17) thrive

(18) breed their offspring

(19) deforestation

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