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[Intro Question] Physical Exercise-Travel (Space Travel)-Plants

9. Physical Exercise

1. What kind of exercises you do?

I like to do all kinds of exercise like weight training at the gym, running for cardio exercise and yoga for stretching and meditation.

2. Do you think children should play sports regularly?

Yes children should regularly play sports at it helps them in staying active and healthy. It is also a good break from their monotonous study routine.

3. What was the favourite sport when you were young?

My favourite sport was cricket when I was young, it is also my favourite sport now. I remember I used to play cricket continuously for 5 to 6 hours during my holidays. Batting was my favorite part in cricket.

4. Do you like extreme sports?

Yes I like extreme and adventure sports such as Formula 1 racing, sky diving and deep sea diving. It is thrilling to watch these sports on television. I would also like to try these sports one day

5. What kind of exercises are popular in your country?

In my country yoga is the most popular exercise as it has originated from here. People nowadays also like to join gymnasiums for weight training.

10. Travel (Space Travel)

1. Do you want to travel in outer space?

Yes, I would love to travel to moon or any other planet like Mars. I want to see how our planet, earth, looks from Space

2. What would you do if you had the opportunity?

First of all, I will be really excited and inform all my friends and family. I will do a lot of planning for this trip so that I cherish it for lifetime.

3. Do you think it’s necessary to see other planets?

Yes we can gain a lot of information from other planets. Some of this information might be helpful in solving existing challenges on earth or discovering how life started.

4. When was the last time you went traveling?

Personal answer

5. Do you like to travel by air?

Yes I would like to travel by air, but unfortunately I have not got the opportunity to travel by air yet.


1. Do you keep plants at home?

Yes there are lots of plants at my home. I keep them in the mud pots. They look very beautiful and are soothing to the eyes.

2. What plant did you grow when you were young?

When I was young I grew a plant known as money plant. I grew it in a glass bottle. Since it is called as money plant I believed that if this plant grows, I will also become rich.

3. Do you know anything about growing a plant?

Well I am not an expert but I know we have to regularly feed water and manure to the plant and we should keep it in sunlight for it to grow. Sometimes we also have to use insecticides to prevent it from insects.

4. Do Indian people give plants as gifts?

Yes nowadays Indian people are gifting plants to each other and I believe it is a really good gift. People often gift a small variety of bamboo which can be kept inside homes and offices.

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