Two-way discussion: Houses

•  Is it important to conserve old buildings? Why?

Well, I do not think that this is important to conserve the old buildings. It is true that they are our heritage but sometimes we need space for the newer things. Usually, the old buildings are larger in size and shape. In most of the cases, the buildings are of no use at all. They are only kept as showpieces for people. If modern structures are built replacing the old buildings, then I think the newer one could accommodate more people inside the building. Besides, the spaces used to make modern buildings is smaller compared to the old ones, the empty spaces could be used for some other purposes. Many of the people are of the view that the old buildings contain large gardens and those may also get destroyed with the demolitions of the structures. But if the gardens are re-built with the modern structures covering large spaces, I think that would look more beautiful than the former one.

•  Is the history useful for the coming generations? Why?

This is a vital question. History is not that much useful for the coming generations as much the importance of history is considered, I think. Many of you could have different views in this fact and I humbly admit the logic. But, history actually helps to make people aware of the past issues and mostly focus on different types of movements, revolutions etc. History helps to make people aware and take lessons from the past events. It reveals the mistakes and advises not to do the same mistake twice. Interestingly, there are no such practices or situations found in the current days. So, we do not need to learn from the history. Thereby, I think history is less useful to the young generations. But it should be acknowledged that the coming generation should be aware of the histories of their respective countries. It is helpful to make them conscious of their own origins.

•  What is the difference between houses built in the past and now?

Well, there are some basic differences in the houses built in the past and present. The houses in the past were made with ample space. Usually, the rooms were wide and spacious. There were options for natural lightings. In most of the cases, the houses were one storied and had a large rooftop where people used to plant different plants and had gardens before the open space of the house. Many of the houses were built with porches that lead to the main entrance. But the houses built in the present days are a bit dissimilar. The number of multistoried buildings is more in the current days. Besides, the rooms are not that much spacious as it was supposed to be. There are no porches rather the modern houses have underground garages to park vehicles. Most of the houses are stretched to the upwards due to lack of space and thus the majority of such buildings have no greens with them.

•  What are the differences in sizes of houses? Why?

Size matters most for building a house. In the past days, the spaces to build a house were more comparing the current days. The most important cause to have more space was the less population. With the advancement of time, the global population has also increased to the greatest extent. So, it is becoming tougher to accommodate the population. As a result, most of the lands are being used to make houses and even the arable lands are also used in some parts of the world to accommodate the growing population. When you are to accommodate a large group of people, surely you will be in need of large spaces. But, in the past days, the population was limited while the spaces were more. People had more individual lands where they have built houses in large open spaces with suitable facilities. But in the current days, the lands are fragmented and have made the spaces limited due to the overpopulation in different parts of the world and accordingly, the houses are being made with smaller shapes to accommodate the growing population.

•  Do you prefer a big or a small house? Why?

To be frank, I prefer to live in a small house with some specific conditions. The house must be served with modern amenities. In fact, I am habituated to live in a small house and small room in a corner will do fine for me. Living in a large house appears unusual to me. I do not love empty spaces whereas most of the large houses own some sort of empty spaces. Besides, I feel uncomfortable with the large house in night times as I have experienced are some spooky environments in a large house. Besides, modern facilities are absent in the large houses (like – there are no attached toilets). So, I prefer to live in a small modern house.

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