Academic 11: alone, ambulance, assistant, available, awful

1. alone

– Part Of Speech: adverb
– Meaning: Having no one else present; on one’s own.
– Example:
+ She knew her mother wouldn’t approve of them spending an evening at home alone together.
+ There were a lot of opportunities for them to be alone together discussing her graduation project.
+ Once they are alone together, Harry is surprised to find himself drawn to Erica for all the right reasons.
+ We hit the streets of L.A. to do nothing but shop and spend time alone together – that was the plan.
+ Even as very young children they would sit quietly alone and talk together.
+ After nearly two months we were finally alone together again but he made no effort to kiss me this time.
+ It was going to be up to me to see that Patty and Folsom weren’t ever left alone together.
+ That sounds very much like a bribe, but Pearson insists that adults need time when they can be together alone.
+ That winter the two writers were alone together for the first time, but it was not an idyllic experience.

2. ambulance

– Part Of Speech: noun
– Meaning: A vehicle equipped for taking sick or injured people to and from hospital, especially in emergencies.
– Example:
+ we called an ambulance
+ he taken by ambulance to the district hospital
+ We assume all duties which are carried out by our ambulance service are emergencies.
+ I received the phone call, jumped into a taxi and followed the ambulance to the hospital.
+ An emergency room with no more beds will close to ambulances and divert them to another hospital.
+ Otherwise if the ambulance service gets an emergency elsewhere they may not be able to go to it.
+ Six ambulances removed the injured to hospital, while a number of people were treated at the scene for shock.
+ Even in the ambulance and in hospital the medical teams were fighting all the way to bring him back.
+ The authors concluded that unnecessary use of emergency ambulances would decline if alternatives were provided.

3. assistant

– Part Of Speech: noun
– Meaning: A person who ranks below a senior person.
– Example:
+ the managing director and his assistant
+ He has years of experience as an assistant manager and is very eager to take the next step.
+ There are also a dozen editorial assistants, three data managers and six freelance readers.
+ It will be a closed project with a full-time project manager and two full-time assistants.
+ The assistant director quit because he didn’t believe that the film could be made.
+ To restart the project we had to formally request permission from the assistant director.
+ He’s signed other strikers and there’s an assistant manager who will have his own views on things.
+ Sub-managers and senior assistants flashed about the store in all directions seeking cash.
+ I find that the assistant manager or floor supervisor is a good person to pick on in large or chain stores.

4. available

– Part Of Speech: adjective
– Meaning: Able to be used or obtained; at someone’s disposal.
– Example:
+ refreshments will be available all afternoon
+ community health services available to Londoners
+ The cash will be available to local authorities, charities and disability groups.
+ It wants to expand to make sure tennis is available to any level of player, from beginner to advanced.
+ This information seems to have been obtained from file notes which were not made available to us.
+ Adam also highlighted worries that the drug might not be equally available to all sufferers.
+ This option is only available to those able to pay an initial consultation fee.
+ All it has to do is be available to subscribers in places where other access is expensive or exclusive.
+ The plans, which also include a club house, are now available to view at Telegraph House.

5. awful

– Part Of Speech: adjective
– Meaning: Very bad or unpleasant.
– Example:
+ the place smelled awful
+ I look awful in a swimsuit
+ an awful speech
+ Not only does it look awful but it smells dreadful.
+ The speeches can sometimes be awful but his was very amusing.
+ Such were the things I told myself to get through that awful speech.
+ Sure, the acting is laughably awful and the dialogue is unintentionally hilarious.
+ Laughably awful dialogue is liberally slathered onto the stock adventure setup and the characters’ true natures are obvious from the start.
+ The wider one’s sampling of a genre, the more abysmally awful stuff one encounters.

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