From ideas to paragraph

It’s always recommended planning ideas for their main body paragraphs before starting to write. Let’s look at how to put some ideas together to make a paragraph. Here’s the question:

The main reason people go to work is to earn money. To what extent do you agree or disagree?


Ideas for one main paragraph:


  • Agree that money is the main reason people work
  • People look at salary first, they rarely take a salary cut
  • Need to live, pay bills, food
  • Look after our families, save for the future
  • Otherwise, most people would probably choose not to work



Full paragraph using the ideas above:


I agree that the majority of people work in order to earn money. Before taking any other factors into account, it is normal to first consider the salary that a particular post offers, and it is rare to hear of a person who happily takes a cut in pay when beginning a new job. We all need money to pay for our basic necessities, such as accommodation, bills and food. Many adults also have families who depend on the wages they earn, and at the same time they are conscious of the need to save for the future. If we no longer needed money, I doubt most of us would choose to continue in our jobs.

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