General 10: brother, bus, buy, cake, camera

1. brother

– Part Of Speech: noun
– Meaning: A man or boy in relation to other sons and daughters of his parents.
– Example:
+ he recognized her from her strong resemblance to her brother
+ You need to talk to your brothers and your parents.
+ And some relatives don’t even know where their parents, brothers or sons are being held.
+ Jane, John and Desmond together with their parents and four brothers celebrated in style and were joined by a huge crowd of friends and neighbours on that special night in their young lives.
+ Kohli, along with his parents and brothers, are suspects in a fake passport case registered at Mohali.
+ The £14,000-a-week Everton striker shares a terrace home with his parents and two younger brothers in Croxteth, Liverpool.
+ If she won the £100,000 prize for the Miss World competition she would move with her three older brothers and parents to Cyprus where the family often go on holiday.
+ One was 10 when she, her parents and her elder brothers were arrested.
+ The family had a difficult financial time during Murad’s childhood, when little Murad and his brothers helped their parents run a small restaurant.

2. bus

– Part Of Speech: noun
– Meaning: A large motor vehicle carrying passengers by road, typically one serving the public on a fixed route and for a fare.
– Example:
+ I waited in the city to catch my bus at the bus stop, which serviced 8 different bus routes.
+ The major polluting vehicles are trucks, buses and light commercial vehicles, all using diesel.
+ The other two will cover heavy goods vehicles and buses.
+ They claim the bumps impede the movement of emergency vehicles and buses, disturb neighbours and damage cars.
+ The new bridge will allow high vehicles, including buses, to pass underneath for the first time.
+ The bus servicing the route has also been blocked on more than one occasion.
+ Current regulations ban all vehicles other than buses and bicycles from using the roads at all times.
+ I too have had much experience driving heavy vehicles and buses.

3. buy

– Part Of Speech: verb
– Meaning: Obtain in exchange for payment.
– Example:
+ In order to buy the house some money that my Grandfather had stashed away for myself and my brothers was used as part of the deposit.
+ he had been able to buy up hundreds of acres
+ I’ve just started buying property and bought my first about six months ago.
+ Then he said that he’s going to support me through college and buy me a car and whatever – if I did what he wanted.
+ Let’s buy up tracts of vulnerable mangrove lands and begin securing at least the future.
+ Did you log on and buy up the maximum allocation of six tickets per person?

4. cake

– Part Of Speech: noun
– Meaning: An item of soft sweet food made from a mixture of flour, fat, eggs, sugar, and other ingredients, baked and sometimes iced or decorated.
– Example:
+ a fruit cake
+ Processed foods such as cakes, cookies, mayonnaise, and corn chips contain hydrogenated oil.
+ And using buckwheat honey gives the sweetness a full bodied taste, something not often found in most sweet cakes.
+ I’ve experimented with baking cakes with these flours, and the result is remarkably grainy and indigestible.
+ The candles on the 30th birthday cake were lit and blown out, the cake was cut and shared and the real Gala began.
+ Now, go take advantage of being the birthday girl and have a big piece of cake for me.
+ If you really want to delight your guests, send them home with a cake of their own – a copy of the recipe attached to the top.
+ Headteacher Lisa Tudor said the rule even applied to children bringing in birthday cake from home to share.
+ Little chefs can bake a cake or delicious muffins in the two-shelf oven or store extra plates and bowls in the cupboard.

5. camera

– Part Of Speech: noun
– Meaning: A device for recording visual images in the form of photographs, film, or video signals.
– Example:
+ she faced the cameras
+ a press photographer’s camera flashed
+ a video camera
+ Staff at the centre can use it to download images from traffic cameras around the county.
+ During the film, the camera lingers on one wall in the bar now owned by Monty’s father.
+ Fighting broke out as security men tried to stop angry guests using cameras and video recorders.
+ When I reached him he searched me and told me to take the film out of my camera and give it to him.
+ Among the hours of images caught by the cameras at King’s Cross, one sequence stood out.
+ Here in Bedford you can’t even go with a camera or video recorder to the local swimming pool.

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