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General word 1: about, above, after, afternoon, again

1. about

– Part Of Speech: preposition
– Meaning: On the subject of; concerning.
– Example:
+ I was thinking about you
+ a book about ancient Greece
+ it’s all about having fun
+ What we will have to settle for, at best, is a frank debate about some of the subjects raised by Mind the Gap.
+ That letter set out at some length Mr Carroll’s concerns about a number of subjects.
+ So impassioned am I about Croydon that I have put together a poetry book all about it.
+ Even if you don’t know about the subject matter, you can apply the generic skills to any business.
+ He suggests that such evasiveness often occurs because of concerns about giving away the plot.
+ This is the only reason that should be regarded when talking about this subject.

2. above

– Part Of Speech: preposition
– Meaning:  In extended space over and not touching.
– Example:
a display of fireworks above the town
a cable runs above the duct
The Patriot’s radar sends out electronic pulses that scan the air space above it.
In February 1968 the air above this space was crowded with comings and goings.
Then Briony became silent, staring angrily at the space above his left shoulder.
+ A spectacular firework display is being staged above Lancaster Castle on November 8.
+ He was able to wander freely in the roof space above the check-in area and other areas barred to the public.
+ Nervously, I then checked the space above the rear passenger doors.
+ He saw it, with a shock, much closer than expected, in the air space above the valley floor.

3. after

– Part Of Speech: preposition
– Meaning: In the time following (an event or another period of time)
– Example:
+ shortly after their marriage they moved to Colorado
+ after a while he returned
+ Back at the event after a break of 20 years were rabbits and also coloured horses and ponies.
+ He speaks of the numbness that takes hold of him after long periods of work.
+ The posters are put up the Saturday before the gala and are taken down immediately after the event.
+ It was an unfortunate setback after a period of relative stability and noticeable improvement.
+ Others claimed that punters were just hard up, cleaned-out after the festive period.
+ He says he didn’t talk about his experience for ten years after the event.

4. afternoon

– Part Of Speech: noun
– Meaning:The time from noon or lunchtime to evening.
– Example:
I telephoned this afternoon
+ I’ll be back at three in the afternoon
+ She worked on Tuesday afternoons
+ We’re off to spend the afternoon and evening with a couple of friends shortly.
+ We have a group of nurses who take it in turn weekday mornings and afternoons, also one evening a week so I can go out.
+ Most volunteers normally spend a couple of mornings, afternoons or evenings on duty each week.
+ This afternoon, the team plays for the first time since sharing six goals with Rangers a fortnight ago.
+ He loved to spend an afternoon or evening exchanging jokes and stories over a long game of cards.
+ Scores of people visited the event, which ran through the afternoon and into the evening.

5. again

– Part Of Speech: adverb
– Meaning: Another time; once more.
– Example:
+ It was great to meet old friends again
+ Once again, feel free to listen again and make any adjustments you deem fit.
+ Yet again, we’re being offered a product to meet a need that doesn’t exist.
+ The fault lies clearly, yet again, with inefficient and inept council officers and management.
+ I was listened to with interest and was invited to return again when more of the workers were present.
+ But now it is clear that, yet again, entertainment is being confused with education.
+ The adage that there are no permanent enemies in politics has been proved true yet again today.
+ That’s when he was hit by thieves yet again when somebody broke the trailer loose from the truck.
+ Later that day he returned again, shame-faced, and said he wanted to give the money back.

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