IELTS Speaking part 3: Children And Reading – Electronic Books


  • What are the most popular types of children’s books in your country?
    I guess it is fairy tales. I think this is because children are particularly interested in magic or a quest with twists and turns. By reading fairy tales, children can escape from the real world and use their imagination to visit some wonderlands that they can never really go. And you know, most of the children in my country listen to a fairy tale before their bedtime. When I was a kid, I did the same thing too. I was so in love with the detail when the fairy turned Cinderella into a gorgeous princess in a stunning white gown.
  • What are the benefits of parents reading books to their children?
    One thing for sure is that this would be a great head start for children to improve their reading later in life. They may imitate how their parents read a book and later form a reading on their own. I also think this is a great way to help strengthen the family bond. There will be nothing better than spending the night time with your little one, reading books together after working so hard for the whole day.
  • Should parents always let children choose the books they read?
    Children should be given chances to choose the book they read, but not always. We must admit the fact that children seem to read more when they can read what they want. This is a good way to encourage and motivate children to read because they do not see reading as a chore. But parents play a crucial role in sorting out what book content is suitable for their children. Kids are easily attracted by books with lively and colorful covers, but sometimes those books are not suitable for them to read at a young age.


  • How popular are electronic books are in your country?
    I can see that this new kind of books is gaining great popularity in Vietnam. And I think there is no surprise when this trend is growing more and more these days. Electronic books are super convenient as they can be carried with us almost anywhere. As long as the device is connected to the Internet, we can search for any book that we want to read. Even some good books are available for free online.
  • What are the advantages of parents reading electronic books (compared to printed books)?
    The first thing that crosses my mind is that reading electronic books will sound much more interesting to children than the printed ones. As you know, kids always have great curiosity about technology. So, this can somehow attract their attention and encourage them to read more. Also, for babies, they might find fun in tearing papers into pieces. But with electronic books, there is no chance for them to do so.
  • Will electronic books ever completely replace printed books in the future?
    Why not? I mean, we are living in the digital era, so everything will soon be operated technologically. Electronic books come with countless advantages. How can we store million pieces of writing in papers? But we can do so with the help of electronic books. Besides, there are many special features available on electronic books like zooming in or zooming out letters. One amazing feature that I am totally into is the built-in dictionary. It is never easier to look up the meaning of words when you are reading at the same time. So, I think paper books will be replaced soon.