Recent IELTS exam questions 10 December 2018

Candidate got following recent IELTS exam questions on 10 December 2018

1. Speaking Part 1 

  • What is your name?
  • Where do you come from?
  • Where do you live?A house or an apartment?
  • Do you think you will move to a new place?

2. Speaking Part 2 (Cue Card)

Describe a party that you have attended.

  • What party it was?
  • Where the party was held?
  • Who attended the party?

and describe what you did in that party.

Model Answer:

The party I’d like to describe is the New Year eve party that I attended 2 years back. Our University friends invited me to join the party and I had to contribute some amount for that. The party held at a 3-star hotel where the teachers, students and their relatives attended.

On the New Year eve, one of my friends gave me a call and then I picked up a taxi to reach the hotel. The name of the hotel was (..say a name you prefer…) and it was a beautiful hotel in our city. After I reach the hotel I found that it has been gorgeously decorated with lights. Our party was on the 2nd floor and I found most of my friends and some of the teachers already enjoying the party. 

A local music band was singing and people were wearing mostly party dresses. We enjoyed the party a lot and ate several local and foreign dishes. We started counting down the time at 11:59 pm and when the clock ticked at 12:00, we started shouting with the New Year wishes. We stayed at the party till 2.00 am and all those time we enjoyed our time every way possible.

3. Speaking Part 3

Party and leisure time related questions…