Writing Task 2: Tuition for healthy children usually has top priority in most countries.

Tuition for healthy children usually has top priority in most countries. However, teaching students with disabilities or mental issues is more difficult and even more important to support and develop.

Which viewpoint do you agree with? use specific reasons and examples to support your answer?

Sample Answer:

Extra educational coaching for students is common in most of the place. While people have a different opinion, whether this assistance must for healthy normal kids or those who are physically or mentally disabled. I fully support that the additional training would be highly beneficial for underprivileged children because they require multi-disciplinary approaches and take a longer time to become skilful in a particular area.

The first and foremost reason why I think the specially-abled students are tuition is that they need a collaboration of different disciplinary to train them. In other words, these kids often have more than one disability, and the formal educational system, sometimes, fail to provide a concrete foundation to build their skills, due to this, by providing additional help, surely makes improvement in these children. For example, a school-going child with visual impairment and poor hand movements, in this case, if the child has been taught how to write with special software, that may not be sufficient to excel as his hand cannot move freely. Therefore, he has to be provided tuitions to learn how to perform better by incorporating the assistance of physiotherapists, thus it is clear that these students are enrolled for tuition.

Another point here is that these children require extra time to learn one skill. This is because of their disabilities, both mental and physical disabilities, limit the speed of learning. For example, a mentally challenged child would take a quite long time to understand, even, basic mathematics, such numbers, calculations and so on, in this scenario while giving extra supporting classes really helps them to achieve the educational goals. Hence, it is evident that tuitions are more significant for these disabled students than normal kids.

In conclusion, it is common to see that normal children are given additional coachings to score good grades in class. In my opinion, this aid is much needed for differently-abled kids than anybody else.


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