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General 14: coffee, come, computer, cook, country

1. coffee

– Part Of Speech: noun
– Meaning: A hot drink made from the roasted and ground bean-like seeds of a tropical shrub.
– Example:
+ a cup of coffee
+ With the exception of espresso coffee, all drinks appeared to come in disposable cups/mugs, whilst the plates were also for one-time use only.
+ Wendy’s heart was pumping violently in her chest, as if she’d drunk ten cups of coffee in so many minutes.
+ A team of volunteers serve tea, coffee and food.
+ Dmitri poured another cup of coffee and drank it down in two swallows.
+ Chelsea pours herself a cup of coffee, drinking it black and scalding hot.
+ I quit drinking coffee and bought a bottle of caffeine tablets.
+ He drank the rest of his cup of coffee and ground out the cigarette in the ashtray.
+ He yawned loudly, taking a drink of coffee from the plastic cup he was holding.

2. come

– Part Of Speech: verb
– Meaning: Move or travel towards or into a place thought of as near or familiar to the speaker.
– Example:
+ Use your defense moves if anyone that looks suspicious comes near you.
+ The evil magpie watched in confusion, but didn’t come anywhere near us.
+ When you’re in the field, you only have to move if the ball comes near you.
+ They are huge, ponderous things that threaten to get tangled up and knock down anyone who comes near.
+ If they get upset, they may become curious and come near the boat.

3. computer

– Part Of Speech: noun
– Meaning: An electronic device which is capable of receiving information (data) in a particular form and of performing a sequence of operations in accordance with a predetermined but variable set of procedural instructions (program) to produce a result in the form of information or signals.
– Example:
+ The group built the largest quantum computer ever, capable of factoring the number 15.
+ The laws were designed to prosecute people who hack into computers and steal information.
+ Participants scan the barcodes of every product they buy using a hand-held computer at home.
+ Clearly, not too many can afford to buy their own personal computers.
+ The worm attempts to copy itself to the Windows folder on networked computers with open shared drives.
+ Patients will receive information through their computers on how to manage their disease.
+ But speed barriers, even in today’s fast computers, are already an issue.
+ Perhaps the most compelling reason to buy a desktop computer is to get your choice of flat-panel displays.
+ The four-page tabloids, little more than newsletters, materialized mainly because the editor used his personal computer at home.

4. cook

– Part Of Speech: verb
– Meaning: Prepare (food, a dish, or a meal) by mixing, combining, and heating the ingredients.
– Example:
+ shall I cook dinner tonight?
+ a cooked breakfast
+ There are subtle differences between the ingredients you use to cook food in London and the ingredients you use to cook food in Australia.
+ After meals, refrigerate cooked leftovers as soon as possible.
+ You need to think about how you prepare, store and cook food to keep it free from harmful bacteria that could make you or other people ill.
+ Once they have prepared and cooked the two-course meal, the children sit down at a table they have laid and eat together.
+ The cause of the fire is not yet known but fire officials are urging homeowners to take care at home particularly while preparing and cooking food.
+ What was once a place solely for preparing and cooking food has become the centre of most homes.
+ When you’re ready to prepare the dish, cook the pasta, drain it and set it aside.

5. country

– Part Of Speech: noun
– Meaning: A nation with its own government, occupying a particular territory.
– Example:
+ the country’s increasingly precarious economic position
+ Spain, Italy, and other European countries
+ In more and more countries around the world output is now stalling, if not falling.
+ It is common for towns and cities in different countries to twin with each other.
+ I love watching the news in other countries just to see how little coverage we get.
+ The four-bedroomed property is in a suburb of the country’s capital Colombo.
+ In some ways it seems like a better option for some countries to turn to democracy.
+ It seems that there are a few differences in public domain laws in different countries.
+ With the reunification of Germany, Berlin became once again the capital of the country.

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