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Idea Ultimate: Cloning

Should we continue developing cloning technology?

1. YES

  1. Cloning can be used to cure currently incurable diseases.
  2. Scientists believe they can clone cells to help people in wheelchairs walk again.
  3. It could solve fertility problems. Many couples cannot have a biological child for certain reasons. They would be able to use their own genes to create a child.
  4. Reproductive cloning could be used to bring back our departed loved ones.
  5. It could be used to clone endangered species and restore ecological balance.
  6. Scientists could clone livestock to end world hunger.
  7. Amazing people like Einstein could be cloned.
  8. Cloning body parts can become a life-saver. When a crucial body organ such as kidney or heart fails to perform its normal functions, it can be replaced with a cloned organ substitute.

2. NO

  1. Human cloning is “playing God”. Man should not duplicate unique individuals just for the purpose of study or medical advancement.
  2. Only a small percentage of cloned embryos survive.
  3. Clones may age very quickly.
  4. Cloning confuses family relationships.
  5. Dangerous people like Hitler could be cloned.
  6. Because of cloning, dictators and many other vicious people might never die.
  7. When you are dealing with genes, there is always a risk that mutation could occur. This could result in deaths and extreme abnormalities.
  8. By bringing in an entirely new group of people, who we know very little about and have had no research on, we could be introducing many new diseases into the human race that we have no treatments for.


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