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Idea Ultimate: English

Should learning English as an international language be encouraged?


1. YES

  1. English is the official language in more than sixty countries.
  2. Learning English leads to more career and educational opportunities.
  3. English is widely used around the world. It is actually becoming a global second language.
  4. English is the dominant language of technology, science and international business.
  5. Most textbooks and journals are published in English.
  6. The ability to speak English is a necessary skill in the modern world.
  7. Exposing children to English is exposing them to another culture, which could give them a new perspective on life.

2. NO

  1. Twice as many people speak Chinese as speak English. Why not learn Chinese?
  2. By 2050, there will be more Hindi and Urdu speakers than English speakers.
  3. By 2050, there will be an equal number of Spanish, Arabic and English speakers.
  4. English is a difficult language to learn.
  5. Some languages disappear because people speak English instead // If one language is dominant, other languages will disappear.
  6. Using translation devices is easier than learning English.
  7. The dominant language brings its own culture.


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