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Idea Ultimate: Old Buildings

Should old buildings be preserved?


  1. Once a historic building is gone, it is gone forever, but who knows what will be valued in the future?
  2. Preservation shows respect for those that came before us and those who will come after.
  3. Restoration is often cheaper than building new structures.
  4. They are an integral part of our heritage and history. Without them, we lose contact with our origins.
  5. Preserving them is good for the environment:
    • Preserving a building is the ultimate in recycling and keeps construction materials out of the landfill.
    • Many traditional building practices in historic buildings are “green”. (e.g. thick walls maintain interior temperatures and save energy).
    • Constructing a building requires huge amounts of energy and could raise pollution levels.
  6. Tourism could be a lucrative source of revenue for every community, and many old buildings are real tourist magnets.
  7. The architectural style of many of these buildings is unique, and once they are gone, these styles could not be learnt by our architects.
  8. Some of them are aesthetically pleasing, adding to the beauty of our cities.


  1. Most of them are unsafe and will eventually collapse, injuring and taking the life of many citizens.
  2. They are ugly and spoil our cityscape.
  3. In the modern world, land is valuable. If they are demolished,
    • high-rise residential buildings could be built to accommodate many people and as a result solve housing problem. This would also prevent urban sprawl.
    • huge shopping malls, office blocks, etc. could be constructed, which would create employment for many.
    • modern amenities could be provided for citizens to make their life more comfortable and enjoyable.
  4. Many of them are empty and threaten the safety of our society:
    • They are the best place for addicts to do drug.
    • Many other illegal activities could happen in such buildings.
    • They can be a great hideout for criminals and fugitives.
  5. The cost of maintenance and renovation could be huge.
  6. They could be home to many disease- spreading creatures.


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