Recent IELTS Speaking test in Vietnam – December 2018

The IELTS Speaking questions below were shared by M who recently took his test in Vietnam:

***Speaking test***


  •  What is your full name?
  •  Can I see your ID?
  •  Where are you from?
  •  Do you work or study?
  •  What do you do?
  •  What music do you listen to?
  •  What music don’t you like? Why?
  •  Did you ever attend a live concert?
  •  How was it? Why?
  •  What type of shoes do you wear?
  •  Do you purchase them online or in store? Why?
  •  Do you purchase shoes because the fashion changes, or because you need a new pair?


Cue Card

Talk about a family you know well, that runs a business. Please say

  •  Describe the family.
  • What do they do?
  • How and when did you meet them?


  •  What are the disadvantages and advantages of running a business?
  •  What are the benefits for workers?
  •  What other businesses are famous in your country?
  •  Which is better, small or large companies?