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Idea Ultimate: Fat and Happy

Should we all grow fat and happy?


  1. We only live once; let’s enjoy ourselves.
  2. We should not care about what other people think of us.
  3. Exercise is a kind of torture; why should we exhaust ourselves like that?
  4. Dieters are always miserable as they are constantly hungry.
  5. Why should we spend a lifetime fighting a losing battle against spreading hips, protruding tummies and double chins?


  1. It is a myth that all fat people are happy.
  2. Fat people suffer psychologically and physically:
    • Obesity makes fat people objects of ridicule so they become miserable at school and as grown-ups.
    • Being overweight is bad for health (i.e. it leads to heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.)
  3. Ready-made clothes are hard to obtain for fat people.
  4. Fat people tire easily.
  5. Being fat is associated with insensible living.
  6. Premature death is more likely in fat people.
  7. Life quality is poor for fat people. A life of gasping and wheezing and sitting in doctors’ waiting rooms is not a quality existence.
  8. Most heavy people suffer from chronic back pain.
  9. They might develop depression because of the stress caused by having out-of-balance body chemistry, feeling unattractive, being socially isolated, not finding a spouse, etc.
  10. Seats in planes, theaters, and cars are tight for fat people.
  11. Making and keeping friends is tough. As superficial as it may be, people tend to befriend folks that they are pleased to introduce to their other friends.
  12. Many employers refuse to hire anyone who is overweight because they believe fat people work too slowly and tire before the workday ends.


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